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Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies Available

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    An average lifespan for a Lagotto Romagnolo is 15 years. Are you committed to caring for this Lagotto for it's lifetime and providing ongoing health needs?

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    Available Puppies

    Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies

    We look forward to your application and in due time welcoming your family into our Lagotto family.

    With each application, a $500 reserve deposit is required to be on our “litter list”. Deposits are most commonly paid via e-Transfer to

    If you are not familiar with e-Transfer, we have other options available.

    If you need help, please contact us.

    PVBH Lagotto Distinguished LRC

    High Grade Breeding Specifications

    Home of Premium Distinguished Lagotto, Champion, BFJE Clear, LSD Clear, OFA Good Hips, FF Good non-shedding Coat, Superior Temperament Lineage.

    Also members of the Canadian Kennel Club and we work with the Canadian Dog Judges Association.

    About Our Dogs

    Lagottos: The Truffle Hunting Dogs

    Since the 1800s Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have been trained specifically for hunting Truffles. Their acute sense of smell makes them one of the best hunting dogs available as their sense of smell can be used for many various uses.

    They make great family members and are very good with kids and can work in multiple different roles and environments.

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