Organic Livestock

Organic Livestock

Our Organic Livestock

Organic Vancouver Island Livestock for Sale

All of our livestock is well taken care of during their time spent here at The Truffle Farm. They are all fed organic feed and have lots of space to roam in their own areas.

We take pride in all of our livestock raised here at The Truffle Farm of Parksville. It comes in limited availability. Our livestock for sale is raised for breeding stock, as well as the meat market.

We have red angus commercial cattle, chickens for eggs & meat and Katahdin for our livestock.

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Red Angus Cattle

Canadian Red Angus Beef

We raise Red Angus commercial cattle for organic meat on our pastures.

Red Angus is a reddish breed of cattle , extremely popular today, especially in the United States.

The animals have been known for centuries and have their origins in Europe , their name being closely related to the Norseman, a nomadic people with whom they settled on the coasts of England and Scotland in the early eighteenth century. Their bizarre appearance made them be described as short, atypical, hornless cows and aroused the ridicule of the locals.

Red Angus and Black Angus have the same characteristics. Marbling is the most relevant feature when it comes to beef, regardless of its species. This attribute refers to the amount of fat in muscle tissue. Most connoisseurs agree that marbling improves the aroma, texture and keeps the meat moist during cooking (especially at high temperatures).

The quality of the meat depends on many aspects: the climatic zone in which the animal was raised, what it was fed, the care given, the age.

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Heritage Chickens & Eggs

Organic Poultry Meat & Eggs

We raise Barred Rick chickens for meat and egg production as well as Orpington and Wyandotte.

Our chickens and eggs are raised with organic feed on our pasture, which gives a superior flavor to our eggs and meat. We also sell them from chicks, if you would like to have your own chickens on your farm, property or backyard.Barred Rick chickens are a Canadian & American favourite for back yard chickens, they fit right in well at the farm or your home’s back yard. They are beautiful and calm creatures and a productive member of any flock.

During the time of rationing across Canada and America, they were almost single-handedly responsible for keeping meat, protein and eggs in the American & Canadian diet.

Due to the sole reliance on this breed, they were almost driven to being extinct. Luckily enough, the heritage chicken breed has enjoyed a big swing of popularity and the Livestock Conversvancy has now listed it as recovering.

They are a friendly, sweet and docile bird which will make it a favourite chicken of yours to have around.

The Barred Rock is a layer of an ample amount of light brown medium-large eggs. She will lay in the region of 4 eggs per week or 200+ per year.

We also have Orpington and Wyandotte chicken breeds.

Availability varies, if interested please contact us.

Sheep Livestock

Katahdin sheep

We raise Katahdin sheep which are an American developed “hair sheep”. Hair sheep shed their wool and don’t require shearing. Our sheep are very hardy and raised on our pastures for breeding stock and for the meat market.

The Katahdin breed is a domestic sheep, originating from the breeder Michael Piel in Maine, United States. The breed is named after Mount Katahdin – Maine’s highest peak.

The breed is a cross of St. Croix Sheep as well as various other breeds, including the Suffolk. The lambs were selected based on hair coat, meat type conformation, high fertility, and flocking instinct.

The average weight of a Katahdin ewe is 120 pounds to 160 pounds and the rams weight is 180 pounds to 250 pounds.

The Katahdin does not need to be sheared, as they shed their winter coats naturally.

The popularity of the Katahdin breed has increased in recent years due to low wool prices and high shearing costs. The Katahdin breed is also resistant to parasites – inherited from their St. Croix ancestors. They are a highly productive and low cost option for commercial shepherds.

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