The Truffle Farm

Farming TechniquesThe Truffle Farm Processes, They Work Together!

The Truffle Farm Processes, They Work Together!

Did you know?

Almost everything on the The Truffle Farm of Parksville Canada works together.

The trees planted are fruit trees. The grape trimmings the chickens love. Extra apples go to the sheep. The grapes we produce go to the chickens or we make truffle wine.

Out of everything produced by the plants and even the animal’s fertilizer is used to farm the land.

Did you know we use the chickens in chicken tractors to pull along the ground to help amend the soil?

The soil needs to be a certain PH level. The chicken poop fertilizes the truffle trees cuts the grass as free range and amends the soil to help the truffle grow. Plus the chickens produce eggs.

The Lagotto Romagnolo dogs find the truffles as they sniff sniff sniff around.

The sheep produce rich soil to grow produce, and they cut the grass!

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